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In today's world, criminals and competitors are unlikely to break your company's door down to steal your secrets. Rather, they will attack you in cyberspace, through digital espionage, and through infiltration.

Hostile agents like these will attempt to hack into your websites, servers, computers, phones, security systems, phones, and any other device they can gain access to. Additionally, they will attempt to infiltrate your company under the guise that they are employees, suppliers, or new business partners. Some will even attempt to bribe, or threaten, existing members of your team for information or to commit acts on their behalf.

 Even a wireless security camera can be used to watch employees type in pass-codes or customer information. Are you conducting board meetings over unsecured networks? Perhaps your meeting room has a 'Connected Office' service... Google Home anyone? Your meeting may be larger than you think...

Perhaps you have a new employee, except that employee isn't quite who they say they are. Perhaps that 'new employee' has a little too much access on their company computer, or worse is able to access other computers. While you are thinking about this, think about how easy it is to copy all the files from your office computers onto a flash drive, or external hard-drive, and then simply walk out with all your information...

While we are on the notion of hard-drives, have you ever taken the time to consider what is plugged in around your office? Does that USB need to be plugged into that computer? Did you issue that USB, or was it brought in from outside, possibly with MALWARE on it? Is that a phone charger over there, or a hidden camera? Both?

Now that we have your attention, have you considered how well you know your team? Hour well you REALLY know them? Now, how well do your competitors know them? Have they suddenly started carrying more expensive goods around inexplicably? Do some of your team seem scared at work or around you? Do they look around as if they think they are being watched?


At Copy Corp Global, we are not here to scare you. However, we have dealt with enough cases or corporate espionage, and seen the outcomes from those activities when they are successful to know that it pays to pay attention. 

To assist you with protecting your business, Copy Corp Global offers a number of services: 


PEN-testing, or ethical hacking, is a service designed to actively hunt for vulnerabilities in your software and systems. Our team, or partners, will attempt to gain access or otherwise compromise software, networks, websites, and technology connected to the above. These will identify vulnerabilities in your system, and present opportunities to close them.


This service is not available to our web-service clients as this may present a conflict of interest.

Remember, you are never safe though you can be prepared.


In a world full of hostile agents trying to undermine your company, our agents are here to help. Our agents, or partners, will run a full and hands on assessment of the state of security, and vulnerabilities for your business. This will require physical access to your property, and will produce a report on the status of your business, advice for ways in which to make the business more secure, and even assist with implementing those fixes. 


Tech bounty programs present an alternative to PEN-tests. A company may offer a bounty, typically cash, as a reward for successfully penetrating networks and reporting how this was done to the company. This is offered to the general public, or to a select group of private professionals, rather than to any specific company or individual.


This service is not available to our web-service clients as this may present a conflict of interest.


Infiltration tests involve our agents, or partner agents, working to gain access to your company through one of several means. Typically, an agent will be embedded in your company and will undertake activities to determine how much information can be acquired from your company, what information can be acquired, and how much actual damage they would be able to cause to your company from the inside before being discovered or reaching the end of the contract. We will then give guidance on how to prevent this in the future.

No actual damage will be done to your company through this method, the agent(s) will go through the process of causing damage right up to the point of pushing the button but will stop at that point prior to causing the damage; our job is after all to help you not hurt you.

Agents may take copies of information as well as any other evidence that may be required to present you with the proof that these threats exist.

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