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This product is for the basic web development package, including:


Home Section- to act as the central hub of your site.

About Section - to tell your fans/customers/visitors about you and what you stand for.

Contact Area - to allow your fans/customers/visitors to actually get in touch with you; whether by form, email, WhatsApp, telephone, or even through a physical address!

Site Menu System - to help your visitors navigate around.


UX & UI Development - to create an easy to use platform that is also pleasing for the eye.


Site management - our team will keep your site running and updated with your new content on an ongoing basis.

Domain - the website will be set up with its own domain, so that people can find it!

Social Media Connection - to allow your visitors to also visit your social media platforms and connect with you there!


This subscription is for a sum of 89.00 US Dollars per month, to run over a period of SIX months. An invoice will be provided every month for a sum of 89.00 US dollars. 


At the conclusion of the three month period, this will automatically be reniewed for a further SIX months unless otherwise specified by you, in writing to Copy Corp Global.


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